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House Of Music Education Student Life

We believe that you can find just as much education and support outside of the classroom as you will find inside of the classroom. At House Of Music Education, the dynamic, exciting student life is a major reason why people decide to join our program. To learn more about what we have to offer or ask our team any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 









House of Music Education provides free after-school programs in schools and community centers across the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Our areas of expertise are Choir, Piano, Vocal lessons, Dance, Theatre, Film, Modeling  and Music Production courses. Our program delivery goals are to:

  • Provide extracurricular lessons and activities that improve students’ socio-emotional capacity

  • Integrate youth with families, communities, employers, mentors, and other nourishing resources that provide an ecosystem of support.

  • Provide enriching activities that reduce the likelihood of youth (re)committing, or being victims of crimes

  • Improve high school graduation rates among our students

  • Develop our students’ musical aptitude to increase their college scholarship opportunities

  • Create meaningful career pathways

All of these our goals are driven by the overwhelming evidence that music education has a unique and powerful impact on students.

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