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House Of Music Education Programs

Programming Goals and Objectives


1) To educate youth through Arts based academics, educational and socially structured programs and services. To educate parents, community leaders, churches and business on the valuable role they play in mentoring, leadership and employment. 


2) To support youth and young adults on current social emotional issues, and how to mobilize communities to work together to address dangerous situations using The Arts as a tool for self-expression. 


3) To promote partnerships and collaboration among parents, school officials, local law enforcement agencies, and community leaders to protect children from violence, encourage healthy behaviors and physical wellness, and community relations. 


4) To engage the community, local agencies, public service organizations and business owners, churches and  volunteers to support program activities such as talent shows, showcases, festivals, internships entrepreneurial endeavors that exhibit the skills and talents of our youth. 


5) To offer participants a "year round" opportunity to learn all aspects of the entertainment industry. Provide scholarships to students seeking to further their studies in Arts based instruction beyond high school. 


6) Our long-term goal is to seek accreditation to be able to provide certifications to students who successfully master one or more of our offered programs.

Foundation of Theatre

House of Music Education offers several convenient options in order to accommodate to our students’ busy lives. To hear more about how we can cater to your needs, contact our administration office to schedule a meeting.

Improv Workshops
Teacher Playing Piano

Vocal Training

Our Vocal Training is ideal for students looking to take their skills and abilities to a new level. Get in touch today to request application materials, schedule a consultation and bring any questions to our team.

Piano Lessons

With our Piano Lesson Program, students can gain experience from beginner to advance level. If at any point you decide you’d like to join a different program, give us a call.

Piano Lesson

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Programs: Programs
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