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February 19, 2024 


Tedrick Bonds

Executive Director

House of Music Education, Inc.

House of Music Education, Inc. Calls Upon Teens and Young Adults to Showcase Their Talent.

Bowie, MD – House of Music Education, Inc. is excited to announce an open call for teens and young adults to showcase their musical talent! As a leading advocate for music education and artistic development in our community, we are dedicated to providing a platform for aspiring musicians to shine and share their passion for music.

Are you a talented vocalist, instrumentalist, or songwriter? Do you dream of performing in front of a live audience and sharing your musical gifts with the world? This is your chance to step into the spotlight and make your mark on the music scene!

House of Music Education, Inc. invites all teens and young adults, regardless of musical genre or experience level, to participate in our upcoming arts showcase. Whether you're a classical pianist, a jazz saxophonist, a pop singer-songwriter, or a rock guitarist, we want to hear from you!

Our arts showcase offers a supportive and encouraging environment where you can express yourself creatively, connect with fellow musicians, and receive valuable feedback from industry professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, including friends, family, and members of the community.

"We believe that every young musician deserves the opportunity to showcase their talent and be celebrated for their artistic achievements," says Tedrick Bonds, Executive Director of House of Music Education, Inc. "Our arts showcase is designed to empower teens and young adults to pursue their musical dreams and cultivate their passion for music."

To participate in the talent showcase, interested individuals can visit for  instructions for registration, audition process. Space is limited, so don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting musical event!

For more information about the talent showcase and how to get involved, please visit or contact us at

About House of Music Education, Inc.:

House of Music Education, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to quality music education and artistic opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Through our innovative programs, workshops, and performances, we inspire creativity, foster talent, and build community connections through the power of music.

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